How to select the right roof tile for your roof

With all the roofing tile options in the market, it is difficult to decide and make sure that the tile we like will suit our roof needs and enhance our home’s beauty.

First of all, a professional needs to determine whether your roof will support the weight of tiles. Concrete roof tiles are usually heavier than clay roof tiles, and if you had shingles before, then it is imperative to know if your roof qualifies for roofing tiles or a mayor improvement of the support of your roof will be needed.

Once you have this figured out it is time to determine the style of your home, and what do you want your home to look like. If you want a Mediterranean look, then clay roof tiles are the stars of this kind of homes. In particular, the profiles of Mission Barrel and Spanish S roof tiles are the best match for this style. About colors, your possibilities are unlimited. From natural-earthy tones, to glazed blues and greens. All depends in your taste and your vision of the dream home.

For a contemporary look, Flat roof tiles have gained popularity. They provide a soft and smooth appearance, while finishing the home with a neat and sophisticated look.

When you choose roof tiles, think about the benefits of the materials:

  • What are the differences between clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles? Basically:
    • Concrete tiles are usually heavier
    • Clay roof tiles absorb very little water, making them more care-free and not having to clean them very frequently. This is much better when you choose roof tiles with ceramic finish (virtually maintenance free)
    • Concrete roof tiles get dark with time (due to water absorption) and their color fades away. Clay instead, do not suffer this alteration.
  • Is your roof tile eco-friendly or energy star rated roof material? This will help you save a lot of money in energy bills.
  • What is the warranty of the manufacturer? Usually, roof tiles’ manufacturers offer 50 years of limited warranty.

Always, contact a roofing contractor and the manufacturer to get the facts of the materials you like and don’t be afraid to ask all your questions. A new roof tile is an investment for decades and you have the right to be well informed and involved where your dollars go.

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