Warranty on roofing materials

Homeowners are usually concerned in the quality and looks of the products being installed in their roofs. but, what about their warranty?

Depending on the product you choose, there will be different coverage, time and restrictions. Manufacturers generally use a Limited Warranty for X amount of years. this means, there are some limitations to the extent of their warranty, and you should read carefully a sample warranty for the products you are buying, to know exactly how protected you are and what could happen in case the material fails (what is a failure in certain product and what is not).

The number of years a product is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty will tell you pretty much how long your product could last in good shape. But that’s not exclusionary¬† since there are many roofing materials, like clay roof tiles, that can last for centuries even though manufacturers warrant them for 50 Years on average.

Research about the manufacturer of your roofing materials, their trajectory, call them directly and express all your concerns. There’s nothing better that being well informed and on top of your project. that will save you money, time and disappointments at the end of the project.

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