History and characteristics of clay roof tiles

Clay roof tiles have been used for hundreds of years in Europe, Middle East and Asia. These roof tiles were installed in the Roman and Greek empires, and brought to the Americas when the European colonized these lands.

This material used for roofing is one of the most durable: its life is almost indefinite. What may fail is the roofing system: underlayment, nails, screws or fasteners. But they tiles it selves are supposed to last hundreds of years. It may be in a way more expensive than other materials, but when you compare the life and beauty of a roof with clay roof tiles, you definitely save money and protect your home better.

If you don’t just the right roof tiles, they can be damaged by foot traffic, weather conditions or severe storms. There are in the market a few companies that manufacture strong, high quality clay roof tiles, that will stand the most harsh climates and conditions.

One of the best ways that currently exist to attach tiles to a deck is the foam. Yes, it is foam! And when it dries (which happens pretty quick) it supports high winds like no other product! It is becoming more popular, especially in Florida, the installation of roof tiles with this product.

Using the right roof tiles and doing a professional installation will certainly be the best investment for a home.