Since clay roof tiles life expectancy is very high, it is recommended that a good quality and high performance underlayment is used in this kind of roof system. Clay roof tiles will stand up very good overtime, and their color will not fade. So it is worth to invest in good quality products, so the whole system stands the test of time and weather.

If using screws, it is recommended to get the stainless steel Quick Drive # 8 (2 1/2″ Long). But now with foam from Polly-foam or other new manufacturers that are bringing this excellent product to the market, installing the tiles is easy and secure.

There are many advantages of installing new clay roof tiles. It is a traditional material that comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. The most common ones are the Barrel tiles and Spanish S. price will vary depending on the number of pieces per square. Mission Barrel tiles are between 160-190 pcs per square, while Spanish S varies from 88-98 pcs per square. That makes a big difference in material costs and installation labor costs.

To name a disadvantage, is that not every roofer or general contractor knows how to install roof tiles. It is “an art” that only experience and preparation gives. But is nothing impossible, and many manuals for installation are provided by roof tile manufacturers and roofing associations (especially in the Southern States)