Trends in roofing styles

Florida and California have been excelling in their Mediterranean-imported style of roofs for decades, transferring that passion to many other States in the Southeast and Southwest. If you take a quick look at California, Florida, Las Vegas and Arizona, the influence of the Barrel and Spanish S tiles is strong and has become a signature for these territories.

But this influence has spread beyond the borders and is causing a change in the architecture of cities all around America. Historic buildings are not now the only exclusive places where you can appreciate the beauty of roof tiles, but now single family homes are starting to select this product that has so many benefits and beauty.

A new product for the traditional roof tile markets is making big steps and claiming its space in the competitive market: The Flat roof tile. This is a great option for the contemporary building styles, thanks to their smooth and sleek surfaces. There are some that simulate wood, slate or add texture with colors and flashings. This fits perfectly for those customers that do not like the texture or volume of barrel tiles, and prefers a more northern, earthy style.

The high profile of clay and concrete tile provides texture, definition and volume to the home, which is not given by asphalt shingles, cedar shingles, flat tiles or metal roofs. The variety of colors enables the homeowner to create unique designs, adapting to the style of the property, enhancing its beauty and particular architecture.